Tuesday 16 June 2015

Unusual Lifts: What are the Magic Carpet® Lifts of New Zealand?

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New Zealand has a higher proportion of self build homes than the UK, approximately 40% compared with 12% here according to the National Custom and Self Build Association. New Zealand homes also tend to be bigger than those in the UK  (an average of 1913 versus 826 square feet for new homes*) These two conditions have laid the foundation (no pun intended) for a flourishing market for lifts in private residences, usually for two or three storey homes. Often lifts are added to existing buildings rather than conceptualised at the planning stage and as a consequence homeowners install vertical transportation solutions that differ from the usual conventional lift. The Magic Carpet® Lift is an example of a different vertical transportation solution.

What is a Magic Carpet® platform lift?

The Magic Carpet is a hydraulic platform lift system that can transport passengers (there are 300 kg and 750 kg load capacity versions) up to a height of ten metres serving any number of floors within that height restriction. The ascent speed is limited to 200mm per second. New Zealanders have been installing them in ever increasing quantities since 1990. This company (link to http://www.lifts.co.nz) owns the registered trademark for Magic Carpets lifts.

How do Magic Carpets work?

Magic Carpet® platform lifts are powered by a direct-acting pumped (recirculating) water-hydraulic system. In the unlikely event of a power outage a backup battery system allows for safe and reliable descent. The Magic Carpet platform system uses a handrail mounted on a floor that is buffered from flush & smooth lift well walls by a complete carpet overlay, it moves vertically within those stationary walls. Travelling controls are incorporated within the floor-mounted handrail.

What are the benefits?

The Magic Carpet® lift system is easy to install and affordable compared to a conventional lift. There are many successful installations and happy customers in New Zealand. However, we recommend that any lift should comply with international standards and this product would not comply in anywhere other than New Zealand.

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