Thursday 4 February 2016

Elevators: What are Priority Controls?

In last week’s blog we discussed how the vertical transportation industry had introduced measures and technology to better prepare elevator systems in the event of an earthquake. To read about Seismic Switches for elevators click ‘here’. This week we will focus on a preventative measure available in the event of unauthorised persons gaining access to a building and attempting to gain control of its elevator systems. Fortunately this is an eventuality that has been considered by the industry and there are solutions available. One of these solutions is called Priority Controls.

What are Priority Controls?

Priority controls are one way to enhance security for elevators systems. Once priority controls have been installed operators can remotely dispatch and park all lifts away from the main building floor. Priority controls have also been referred to as ‘riot controls’.

How do Priority Controls Work?

When a remote switch or alarm control is activated by a building’s security team, the lifts will all go and park with doors open at a preset floor, away from the main building entry floor so that unauthorised persons cannot force entry into the building and use the elevators to disappear into the building.

What are the Benefits?

The primary benefit is enhanced security for the building and protection for elevator systems. Unauthorised persons will not be able to access other floors of the building subject to stairwells also being secure. Often priority controls are part of a building’s plans and are installed as one of a range of security measures to protect buildings. Priority controls have been installed in many buildings in central London and around the world.

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