Friday 12 February 2016

New Staff: Who are our new Arrivals?

We are pleased to officially welcome three new members of staff to our team. They started last month but this is the first opportunity we have had to mention them in the blog. In no particular order we extend a warm welcome to David Hodges, Julian Caudle and Brian Manning.

David Hodges - Lift Engineer

David joins us with over thirty- five years experience. He started as an apprentice at Otis before moving onto Lift Cran Ltd and then spending most of career as Service Director at Elite Elevators, a company that he co-founded. When Elite was sold, David moved into consultancy roles that benefited from his wealth of experience.  Outside of work he enjoys reading, mountain bike riding, (over easier terrain now) going to my gym and swimming. He also enjoys watching live football and travelling both locally within the UK and abroad. 

Julian Caudle - Lift Engineer

Julian joins us after almost thirty years working for Schindler.  Schindler holds special significance for him because his father worked for Schindler before him and so did his wife's father; in fact that is how he met her. It was the opportunity to expand his knowledge of the consultancy business, the property industry and the vertical transportation industry outside of Schindler that finally prised him away. He is now working with the Dunbar and Boardman team and is able to offer his input and expertise.

Brian Manning - Lift Engineer

Brian spent almost twenty years at Stannah Lift Services Ltd, starting as an apprentice and then working on installations, special lifts and in the service department. He left Stannah to move to Pickering Lifts Ltd where he was responsible for major regeneration projects throughout the South. He is grateful that his career gave him the opportunity to work in countries in Europe and Africa. Outside of work he was an active sportsman who participated in many sports and played rugby for many years. Travelling is one of his leisure pursuits 
too; Greece and its Islands being among his favourite destinations. He also enjoys cooking and entertaining at home.

Dunbar and Boardman welcomes you all!

Dunbar and Boardman is the lift, escalator and access equipment  consultancy. Are you currently planning a project that will involve  vertical transportation?  We would be happy to discuss with you. Give  us a call on T +44 (0) 20 7739 5093 or send us an email via to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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