Thursday, 19 July 2012

A Point of View

We recently 'tweeted' the concern that lift maintenance cost have spiralled down! A lift industry knee-jerk response would be to blame consultants! They may have a point but upon examination D+B aim to drive maintenance standards up and not lower costs per se.

The concern is that there is a duty to maintain lift equipment that we all travel in and with the lowering of standards/infrequent or no maintenance we are exposed to accidents - that we see and in an historic context increasingly!

Lifts do have an statutory inspection but of late inspectors do not exercise their powers to 'switch off' lifts! Do Employers/Building Owners take note of such reports?

Thankfully we are employed by responsible 'owners' to follow through on these reports.

We consider that there is a case for lift contractors to have a minimum charge for equipment based on usage and a duty for Owners to comply! Who agrees or otherwise?