Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vertical Transport - A hot topic for a hot location

Saudi Arabia has recently surpassed its neighbours when it comes to project spend and is also in the process of building some of the largest structures in the world. As a result Vertical Transport Saudi Arabia have partnered with Saudi Coundil of Engineers (SCE) to deliver a conference (27th February – 2nd March) discussing the impact of VT on building efficiency optimisation – from installation, operation, management and life-cycle maintenance.

On the Agenda:
·      Understanding the level of market sophistication in Saudi, and what the future holds
·      Analysing Saudi specific code, legislation and regulation compliance
·      Are sustainable guidelines being followed? If not, what are the future consequences to building and VT integrity in terms of life-cycle costs and emissions?
·      Investigating contracts, client approval and the decision-making process in KSA
·      Elevator safety – examining the latest technologies and methodologies
·      Maximising ROI through asset management and maintenance
·      Examining the ecological trends in the elevator industry
·      Disabled access considerations at design stage
·      Harnessing energy transfer in a building
·      Highlighting sustainable, products and practices through the supply chain

Needless to say I wouldn’t be talking about this event if we weren’t going to be a part of it.  Peter Boardman is due to feature on a Q & A panel.

For details of how to attend see the link below:


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