Wednesday 11 June 2014

Why do you need an elevator & escalator equipment consultancy? 6 reasons.

Dunbar and Boardman is an elevator & escalator consultancy that has provided global clients with bespoke solutions for vertical or horizontal transportation and access equipment for over 30 years. Why have so many companies chosen to work with a specialist consultancy? The key reasons are listed below.


If you were to approach an elevator or escalator manufacturer the solution to your project is likely to be presented in the form of one of their products. A consultancy can take an impartial overview and recommend the best solution for your project’s needs.


We have a wealth of practical experience working on a number of projects similar to the one that you are about to start. You will be able to tap into our experience and complete your project efficiently safe in the knowledge that we have completed many similar projects. For example, we have the biggest pool of lift experience in the UK.


We have workflow systems and procedures in place that we have refined over the last 30 years. Our systems and the professional relationships we have with lift companies at the highest management level mean that you can transfer any ‘risks’ to the experts and of course we carry Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Technology & Industry Knowledge

We proactively keep up to date with technological advancements within the vertical transportation industry. This is why we are able recommend the right technology and supplier for your project. We also follow relevant changes in legislation to ensure that projects remain compliant with all applicable standards and legislative requirements.

International Scope

We are operational throughout the UK, Europe, The Gulf, Asia & India, and have consultants available to manage your projects. We have successfully delivered projects in 30 countries worldwide.


Once your project has been completed we can manage maintenance and technical support throughout the life of the lifts.

Do you have a current or planned project that would benefit from our expertise? We would be happy to discuss with you. Give us a call on T +44 (0)20 7739 5093 or send us an email via  to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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