Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Why was Dunbar and Boardman’s Simon Lancaster in Haiti?


In over 30 years of existence Dunbar and Boardman has worked on projects in many far-flung places around the world.  A good, recent example is a project we  specified and attended commissioning tests for Digicel in Haiti. Digicel are a market-leading mobile phone operator across the Caribbean and although headquartered in Jamaica Digicel are owned by Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien. It is through this Irish connection that we were involved in the project.

What was the project challenge?

Digicel Haiti is housed in a 12-storey office building that is currently undergoing refurbishment. The building had a 3 car Otis Gen2 group with 10 person cars, 800 doors, running at 1.6m/s. These existing lifts are struggling to provide any reasonable lift service to the 1000 people in the building. 
What was the solution?

We wrote the technical specification for two new additional lifts that are now fitted. The 2 new lift shafts have been added to the outside wall of the lift lobby and 2 x Kone monospace lifts installed. These are 21 person @ 2.5m/s with 1100 c/o doors. Simon Lancaster from our Irish office visited to witness test and snag the new installations. To remain cost effective the two sets of lifts will remain working but are to be provided with an 'overlay ' system to give some coordination to lift service.
What were the results?

This is very much an ongoing project. The two additional lifts have been installed to a good standard.  An agent company of Kone from the Dominican Republic called Setec installed them. Following Simon’s visit Setec will now make some cosmetic improvements to the Otis lift cars and then fit a Kone overlay system to coordinate the two separate groups of lifts.

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