Monday, 15 December 2014

2014 Annual Roundup

Whilst there is mixed economic news around the world there seems to be more confidence in the UK generally, with perhaps mixed results in the non-tiger firms in retail. Given our broad spectrum of work we continue to see improvements, in particular in the London residential and overseas markets.

Grenville announced his retirement after two decades with the firm. He continues to support our marketing efforts and will completely withdraw in March. We wish him well and much enjoyment in the future. Paul Hastings has stepped into the RD role based in Sheffield.

Around the corner Jim Baynam and  Frank Seymour will retire in 2015. As Jim works in the East and Frank works in the West we will need new wingers in the future.......

Stan Blatch joined us in December and Paul Dodd will join us in January. Both are seasoned lift men and we welcome their experience and wisdom in the years to come.

The breakthrough in lift technologies will only feed into more complex and taller buildings so we look forward to the future with optimism.

As the winter holidays approach we are looking forward to 2015 with continuing vigor!

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