Friday, 8 April 2016

How Tech Innovation Can Make Vertical Transport Greener

Rightly so, energy efficiency is a hot topic in all areas of the construction industry. It’s something we have always tried to focus on with regards to lifts and escalators, or indeed with any method of transporting people from A to B. More and more construction briefs will be centred around focussing on how they may build in such a way to reduce the impact on the natural environment around them, preserve or re-use resources and in all other ways keep their projects ‘green’. 

We previously wrote about this subject in the following posts “Vertical Transportation & Energy Efficiency” which you can find here  and “An A-Z of how Vertical Transport can help you go green”.

In January of this year SODIMAS Lift Manufacturers paid us a visit at Dunbar & Boardman HQ in London to discuss the 3 green solutions they’re working on inclusive of their Solar Powered Lift initiative.

Standby mode

For a co-owner type building, the lifts energy consumption is close to the consumption necessary to its standby mode, the lift remains on standby for the majority of the time.
On average, this kind of lift is used to a maximum of 1 hour per day.
The proposed solution is to install one or two solar panels, depending on the levels of sunlight in order to supply this standby energy.

Safety mode
The installation of batteries and solar panels supplies sufficient back up energy for the lift travel in the event of a power failure. When using this solution, the lift is automatically brought back to the nearest level and opens its doors allowing passengers to exit. It's then kept on standby until a technician reaches the site to repair/resets the lift.
Stand-alone mode
Completely stand-alone, the operating lift is independent with both mains and solar power supplies.  Switching from one energy source to another is automatic and smooth for the passengers. At any given moment, the lift is able to travel without having to rely on the proper working order of the power supply network.

The number of photovoltaic panels and batteries depends on the levels of sunlight and the necessary electrical power for the functioning of the lift in the absence of electrical power.

Through these technical changes, It is possible to develop an approach to eco-design and sustainable development in order to reduce its environmental impact.

Other manufacturers are also creating such Sustainable Development products such as Otis and Schindler.

Dunbar and Boardman is the lift, escalator and access equipment consultancy. Are you currently planning a project that will involve vertical transportation?  We would be happy to discuss with you. Give us a call on T +44 (0) 20 7739 5093 or send us an email via to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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